DDD #72 – Vegan New Year’s Day Hoppin’ John & Collard Greens for Instant Pot or Not


All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2017

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Hoppin’ John is a traditional southern dish, typically served on New Years Day to bring a prosperous new year.  Here is WIKIPEDIA’S explanation.  I didn’t add peas to mine but you certainly can & I love the idea of serving each bowl with a coin beneath it to ramp up the good fortune.

This is CRAZY easy to make & tastier than you might guess.  I made these in my Instant Pot with dried beans but these can be done very quickly on your stove top with canned beans or with dry beans in a slow cooker.

Click the image above to watch the video.

Vegan New Years Day Spicy Hoppin’ John 

Serves 4 very well


1 lb dried black eyed peas (or 2 lbs canned – drained & rinsed – if you are going stove top)

1 medium onion…

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