I’m Exhausted

I’m no longer catering to those who have fallen down rabbit holes of conspiracy theories and propaganda who are ranting online and demanding proof, disputing truth and facts, and claiming that the First Amendment has been violated when they do not fully understand how it, or the Constitution and its Amendments, actually work.
Those that are crying out about the “media” and “mainstream media” being fake and such, yet get their news from the media are beyond the capability of understanding hypocrisy and irony.
Fox News is media, as is CNN. If you can watch it on TV or on the Internet on any device, it’s mainstream media, because it is freely available to all on all platforms. That’s what mainstream means. So, yes, Fox News is mainstream media. CNN is mainstream media. All of the alphabet news is mainstream media. All of the newspapers and news blogs are mainstream media.
Any news site you are sharing from is media. You would not know anything is going on at all if not for media. Those stories you copy and paste from other people because you refuse to watch the news? Those people got their information from the media.
You’ve been played for suckers. Conned. And you cannot or will not see it or recognize it. Perhaps because you’re ashamed to admit you fell for a con?
It’s okay. You can admit you were wrong and change your ways and move on. It’s called learning. Becoming mature. I highly recommend it.

Please comment below. I'd like to know what you think.

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