Dating with Hearing Loss: the Good, the Bad, and the Stories that Make You Say, “What?”

Ha! I thought this was funny. Darth Vader, indeed. I remember sometimes hearing myself as Darth Vader during an adjustment period to new hearing aids. I haven't dated much, but definitely have experience the rejection mentioned here, which is why I haven't dated much.

Please Stop Marginalizing Adults with Disabilities

People with disabilities are not second-class citizens, any more than women and people of different ethnicities are. Change is happening, and it is for the better.

ABC Family’s Switched at Birth spreads awareness about ASL & Deaf community

An article from another deaf woman that I went to school with before moving to Georgia.

This article is about the ABCFamily show “Switched At Birth,” which uses people that actually have deafness to play the roles of deaf people.

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ABC Family’s Switched at Birth, brings American Sign Language (ASL) to tell its story to fans of ASL and to its viewers.  This show also shows that deafness can mean many things to different people.  For example, Sean Berdy, playing Emmett Bledsoe, plays the character who speaks only ASL as Sean is profoundly deaf on set and in real life.  Watch the interview here.

 Born into a Deaf family, Sean is a natural at ASL, and acts as an example for the Deaf community through his own shows: The Sean Berdy Show and Sean Berdy Entertainment.  He is also born to perform as seen in various films like The Sandlot 2, The Deaf Family, and The Legend of the Mountain Man when he was a child.  Being natural at ASL, Sean also was part of the Hollywood industry’s first picture-in-picture ASL translation of Twentieth Century-Fox’s Ice Age: Continental…

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Sharing an Essay By Paul Saevig

Today, I am sharing an essay by a deaf man that I identify very much with. I honestly cannot say any of this any better than he has, and I will not try; instead, I am re-posting his essay for you. I hope this explains many things to you that I cannot say.

Equal Rights and Access For Deaf Citizens in Georgia #CanYouHearUsNow

Deaf people in Georgia are fighting for equal access to treatment for mental health issues, mental illness, and substance abuse treatment. It is already a federal mandate, but the state of Georgia is appealing it and trying to block it. This Bill of Rights Act for the provision of mental health services to deaf and… Continue reading Equal Rights and Access For Deaf Citizens in Georgia #CanYouHearUsNow

CIs are not a miracle cure for all deaf people

To those of you that delight in the "deaf person hears after cochlear implant" videos, a perspective on this from a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults). Please keep in mind that a vast percentage of deaf people cannot be helped with some technologies available, and the attitude that deafness is a tragic disability that must… Continue reading CIs are not a miracle cure for all deaf people