About Marla

Photo of Marla that was edited with the Paper Camera Android App
Marla, your blog host

Hello, and welcome  to my little corner of the Internet. I hope you enjoy your visit.

From time to time, I plan to share my thoughts, observations on what happens around me, and occasionally a story or other things that I make up when I can’t sleep in the wee hours and occasionally a story or other things that I make up when I can’t sleep in the wee hours. If I decide  to publish any of my stories, I’ll label them as such, but most of this is going to be regular blog posts like comments on events or issues, stuff along that line.

As far as information about me, I don’t think I’m anything particularly special. I am a deaf single mother of a hearing teenager. I can hear, speak, sign, lipread, sing, listen to music, and do just about everything else my daughter can, except there are some sounds at certain frequencies that I cannot hear, even with advanced digital hearing aids. I’ve accepted that, as well as the fact that as I get older, I lose more hearing. I have tailored my future plans to a deaf-friendly occupation, so that I will always have a source of income. Right now, I am working to finish my courses in Web Design.

I also share small stuff on the Facebook Page and the Tumblr Page connected to this blog, so be sure to look there if you are on those social networks.

Thank you, and come again!



6/26/12 (when I restarted the blog): I’m in the process of trying to recover old blogs that were deleted when I failed to pay my web hosting bill. Other blogs have been imported from other places I’ve had one. So, you may see pieces of older ones, even though I have only recently re-started my bog site here.

Thanks for your patience regarding this issue!

Please comment below. I'd like to know what you think.

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